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ALGI Can sealing machine

The ALGICAN Seamer is one of the most compact, fully-automated canning systems on the market.

Designed for small batch canning of carbonated beverages, the single-head, atmospheric filler runs any standard 211 body-diameter can (from 8oz to 19.2oz) at 15-27 cans per minute with superior packaging quality and minimal dissolved oxygen pickup.

Why I need Can Seamer now?

① Preserving taste and flavor for a long time with perfect sealing!
② Keeps cool for a long time with strong cooling effect!
③ Zero product damage while moving or shipping!
④ Trends in the Untact Economy. Sales growth with delivery system!
⑤ Reduce labor cost. Smart boss's choice for peak times!
⑥ Powerful marketing strategy with DIY!
⑦ Recyclable & Eco-friendly materials!

Fully automatic can seamer product!

1. Applicable Can Size
The cup holder can be realized up and down automatically, suitable for cans of different heights. It is robust and sturdy. Bottle height: 60-200 mm; Bottle diameter: 56 mm.

2. Compact Size - Specifications
Type: Non-rotation
Can Diameter: 202# (2''+2/16'')
Can Height: 60-170 mm/2.4-6.7 inch
Production Capacity: 15-27 cans/min
Material: Carbon Steel
Motor Power: 370 W
Voltage: 110V, 60Hz
Color: White
Dimensions: 210 x 410 x 600 mm/8.3 x 16.1 x 23.6 inch

3. Smart Led Panel
The Led screen is clear for users to observe. The control panel is easy to operate.

4. Your Own Brand Can
All kind of beverages such as cold drinks, milk tea, juice, soda, iced coffee,beer, etc. can be packaged for a delivery or take-out sales.

5. Perfect Sealing Machine (Rotation + Stability)
1) Low noise
2) Convenient one-touch operation
3) Use of various size cans (330ml, 500ml, etc.)
4) Aluminum, PET type
5) Perfect sealing & safety